Prescription Sports Glasses

Prescription Sports Glasses

Do you wear prescription glasses? Do you play sports are love being active in some sort of way whether it is playing football or hiking or working out? Have you ever wondered where you can get sport prescription glasses? If you answered yes to any of these questions than we have a solution for you! Finding a sporty eyeglass or sunglasses frame that you could wear while being active may seem difficult but will not be for long. Lensntrends specializes in providing to our customers frames that will suit your needs. We work with one of the largest labs in New Jersey to provide to our customers with the highest quality prescription lenses.

Whether you would like prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses we can create that for you. We offer a variety of sport eyewear brands including Oakley, Smith, Liberty Sport, Bolle, Youth Protective, Wiley X and Polaroid Sport. We offer a few types of materials poly-carbonate, poly-carbonate with anti reflective, poly-carbonate with anti reflected tinted, plastic lenses, plastic lenses with anti reflected and plastic with anti reflected tinted. Poly-carbonate lenses are made from a higher quality lens these lenses are more durable and will last you longer. The plastic lenses are made from plastic they are a cheaper version of the poly-carbonate lenses. Adding a tint to an eye frame will make the lenses into sunglasses.
Follow these steps to get your pair today!
1. Choose your frame from the variety of sports brands we offer.
2. Go to the prescription section on our website top menu if on a desktop and click 3 bar tab on upper left hand corner than prescription lenses if on a mobile device.
3. Under prescription lenses you choose which type of material you would like polycarb, plastic, polycarb with anti reflected, polycarb anti reflected tinted, plastic with anti reflected, plastic anti reflected tinted.
4. Choose which lens type you would like
single vision or progressive
5. Enter your prescription manually bellow the lenses type. You can get your prescription form from your optician. If you would like to email us your prescription as well you may at
6. Add your items to the cart and you are all set.
7. Take advantage of our promotion off prescription lenses $25 off with coupon code 25LENSES.

                             Shop Some Of Our Sports Styles 

Oakley Holbrook OO9102 Square Sunglasses: $242.90


Oakley Outpace OO4133 Sunglasses: $229.84


Bolle Python Sunglasses: $87.69


Polaroid Sport PLD 7016/S: $71.82


Wiley X Vapor Xvapor Changeable: $141.04


Oakley Airdrop MNP OX8121 Eyeglasses: $238.98 


Oakley Optical Plank 2.0 OX8081 Eyeglasses: $186.74


Liberty Sport Slam Temple Eyeglasses: $220.70


Liberty Sport Morpheus I Sport Eyeglasses: $220.70



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