How to Measure Glasses

Finding the right pair of glasses is always a challenge when you do not know what size you need but it does not need to be a challenge anymore. We provided a step by step guide on how to measure your glasses so you will be sure to get the right size glasses. 

Figuring out what size you need? Take a look at an old pair of glasses you have. On the temple(arm) of the frame you will see 3 numbers as shown circled in the picture above. The first set of numbers is the eye size the second set is the bridge width and the last set is the arm length. 
Eye Size Width 
is the width of the lenses from corner to corner. Typically the width is measured in millimeters and ranges from 40mm to 60mm. 
Bridge Width 
is the width of the nose bridge from corner to corner. Typically the bridge width is measured from 14mm to 24mm. 
Temple Length 
is the length of the temple(arm) of the frame. Typically the temple is measured from 120mm to 150mm. 
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