Ordering Glasses Onlines Is Easier Than You Imagined



    Buying glasses online may seem difficult or a hassle because you cant try the glasses on and have to deal with shipping, but it isnt any of that it is actually easier than you think. 

   Buying glasses online has a lot of benefits including prices. At Lensntrends our prices are over $100 cheaper than in retail stores you really can not beat that! Buying glasses online should be easy so we put together an easy step by step guide on how to buy glasses on Lensntrends. 


   We have a large selection of designer eyewear to choose from ranging from lower end designers to higher end designers. If you know the style you are looking for simply just type the name in the search bar. If you do not know which style you are looking for you can use our filter tool to filter by brand, size, color etc. 

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   If you would like to add prescription lenses to your frames we got you covered! Go to our prescription section on our website and choose the type of lenses of your desire. Manually enter your prescription, upload an image of your prescription or email us your prescription at

Polycarbonate Lenses    or     Plastic Lenses 

   Polycarbonate Lenses are lighter and thinner than plastic lenses. Polycarbonate are scratch resistant and more durable than plastic lenses. Polyarbonate lenses are the ideal choice for high prescription because they will not add thickness to your lenses. 

   Plastic Lenses are ideal for kids and sports glasses. Platic lenses are lightweight, and comfortable. 

   You have the option to add features to your lenses like anti relfection, transition, tint the lenses and blue light coating. 

   Antireflection Lenses: Antirelectionis a coating added to the surface of the lenses which blocks a reflection or glare off the lenses. 

   Transition Lenses: Transition lenses transition from eyeglasses when indoors and when exposed to sunlight they transition to sunglasses. 

  Tinted Lenses: Tinted lenses is where the entire lenses are dark sunglass lenses. You can choose any color lenses you would like and indicate the color under special instructions. 

   Blue light Coating: Blue light coating is a coating added to the lenses which protects your eyes from any blue light including phones, computer screens, tvs etc. The blue light will protect the retina in the back of your eyes from a digital eye strain. Blue light coating is recommend if you are constantly on your phone, computer, watching tv etc. 

   After you chose the type of lenes you wanted and filled your prescription out, add your lenses to the cart and your set.


   Once your order is completed and processed you will receive an email or text confirmation with your order number, item you ordered and your information. 


   As soon as the order comes through to us we will prepare your order to be shipped out. Not all of our items are in our facility and may need to be ordered from our manufacturer. If the item is in stock in our facility it will take 1-3 business days to ship to orders in the US with free expedited shipping with USPS priority mail service and about 7-21 days internatioanlly with USPS international unless a faster shipment is selected at checkout. 

   If the item needs to be ordered from the manufactuer it will take about 1-2 weeks for the item to arrive to our facility and than we will ship it to you depending on the availibily of the item. 


   Once the item is packed and shipped out you will receive an email or text confirmation with the tracking number so that you can track your package. 

   Lastly if you have any questions we are here to help and answer any questions you may have. 

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