Your Perfect Fit

June 16, 2017 2 min read

Your Perfect Fit

Have you ever had trouble finding the right shade for your face shape? Sure, we all have faced that dilemma. Glasses are a key accessory to your outfit and knowing the right shade for your face shape is an important factor. Whatever face shape you have, below is a list of shades that best suit each type of face shape. So be prepared to find your perfect shades for your face shape!



                                                   Heart Shape 

                                 Frames that are wider on top

Round Shape glasses 



Image result for oval face                 

                                                  Oval Shape

                                           Square Shape Glasses 

Oval Glasses 



                                                  Round Shape

                                               Bold Color Glasses 


 Rectangular Full Rim or Semi Rim

                                            Square Shape 

                                                Cat Eye glasses 

Oval Glasses 









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